Like no other facial tightening, Proionic therapy uses INDIBA Deep Care machine which can act as a primary treatment of medical cosmetic treatment to enhance results, alongside improving the total experience for the patient. The Proionic therapy uses technology that generates three biological effects:  bio-stimulation, vascularisation and hyperactivation. These processes increase metabolic cell activity, blood flow and circulation whilst improving tissue and cell oxygenation. The effects also support creation of new collagen, detoxify tissue and support lymph drainage. By working at the specific frequency of 448kHz, INDIBA can also work at a sub thermal level, allowing you to provide treatments in sensitive areas and acute tissue repair (immediate post-operative, new formation of scars, and post aggressive treatments).  The results to be obtained are divided into two main categories namely aesthetic and fitness results. As you can imagine, the aesthetic result are leaner, fresher face, a slimmer and free of cellulite body. While for fitness results include a better sleep quality, reduction of low back pain, regular menstrual patterns, and a more stable mood.