Non-Invasive Facial Tightening is a new generation of skin rejuvenation technology that utilize Micro needling Facial Radiofrequency (MFR) rather than laser. We are using Scarlet-S machine which not only builds up collagen to tighten up the skin, but also improves dermal volume and elastin to improve skin elasticity, texture and turgor resulting in perceptible skin improvement. Using a small hand piece that contains 25 golden microneedles, the microneedles penetrate under the skin to deliver Radiofrequency at the target location, without harming the outer skin surface. The depth of penetration, intensity, and speed of delivery are controllable for best results. This treatment is most effective for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and pore minimization. Therefore it improves wrinkles and texture elasticity. It is also effective for acne, acne scar, stretch marks, and hyperhidrosis.